20th Sep 2014

When Adam AS disobeyed Allah’s Command because of Shaytaan’s deceit, what did he do? He made the famous du’a

Rabbana dhalamna anfoosana wa illam taghfirlana warhamna lanakoonanna minnal khaasireen

My Lord, we have wronged ourselves and if You do not forgive us and have mercy on us, we will become one of the losers

That is why Adam was made the Khalifa of Allah, and this is testament to the Infinite Wisdom of Allah. It’s because when Shaytaan sinned, he blamed Allah, but when Adam AS sinned because of Shaytaan, he didn’t play the blame game. He took responsibility, and he sought forgiveness from the One who Eternally Forgives

That is why mankind is Allah’s Greatest Creation. 

19th Sep 2014

I’m at my uncle’s house making some bbq ribs for my cousin coming from windsor who never gets this stuff because his parents (sweetest people on the planet tbh, and super religious) don’t cook this kind of food. they stick to the regular pakistani cuisine. 

I’m boiling the ribs and making a stock out of them with coriander, fennel, black pepper, whole garlic and ginger, 1 whole onion, salt, cloves, and cardamom. Then I’m gonna take the ribs out after an hour or so of boiling or basically when they’re tender, baste them with some tangy BBQ sauce, and broil them for about 30-45 minutes so they’re nice and crispy. I’ll use the stock then to make some yummy pulao rice with peas maybe? Not sure yet. 

I’ll post pictures when it’s done inshaAllah

18th Sep 2014

Shukr (gratitude) has two maqaam (stations). The first of these stations is the lower station, meaning that it is less commendable than the second. It is to look at the state of others that have less than you and be thankful to Allah. The second station, that which is more commendable, is to be thankful to Allah when you are in a state of difficulty. This is because only those who are truly grateful understand that the believer’s state is always a moment of goodness, and that times of apparent difficulty represent tests or moments of clarity over the true nature of their existence. The destroyer of shukr is jahliyya (ignorance), so do not be ignorant of your Lord’s favours. 

18th Sep 2014

Anonymous said: Chacha how do I tell you that the pleasure of cars vanish.. My uncle has the top range of the cars all the time in fact he's a little like you loves cars and good food he splashes out on both, hamdulilah he's very humble about it though, anyways he recently bought a Mclaren, he's among the 14 people in this country who has it, but do you know that the pleasure fades so quickly

lol, nothing in dunya is as pleasing to me as a single sujood out of my love for the Creator believe me. But if I had to want something of the dunya, Allah gave me a righteous wife alhamdulillah. So anything i get now is a bonus, and its never a bad idea to dream of a bonus ya feel me? A lamborghini has been a dream of mine ever since I first played Need for Speed 3: Hot Pursuit, where I always chose the Diablo SV. 

If Allah gives it to me, alhamdulillah. If He doesn’t, still Alhamdulillah. As long as I make it to Jannah, I’ll get it one day :) may Allah bless you and your family and listen talk to your uncle and let him know if he wants to invest in a halal nutritional supplements company start up :)

JazakAllahu khair. 

18th Sep 2014

Anonymous said: Hello :) I always ask myself whats with like people who live in the jungle or something, poeple who simply will never hear something about the Quran...whats with them as missing knowledge is not their fault?

Asalaam alaikum, 

There are differences of opinion on the matter from an Aqeedah point of view. From what I have been taught, those who do not receive the message of Islam in its pure, untouched form and do not have access to it by any means, will be given da’wah in their graves where they will accept Islam by mercy of Allah. 

And Allah Knows Best

17th Sep 2014

I’m going to start a company. A company that will help people’s health. I will then make enough money and pay off my student loans. After this, I will never, ever take another loan ever again. I don’t believe in mortgages, Allah has lent me this life on rent as it is, I’m fine with living on rent for the rest of my life. I’ll rent a house if I have to.

But one day, this company will make me enough money to buy a Lamborghini. I will retire the day I buy one. I will then start an Islamic Fund for educated Muslims who can’t pay for school, and I will help my Ummah succeed, InshaAllah. 

17th Sep 2014


17th Sep 2014

A recent study shows that people who sit for prolonged periods can help prevent serious health problems by taking a 5 minute walk once an hour. Source


A recent study shows that people who sit for prolonged periods can help prevent serious health problems by taking a 5 minute walk once an hour. Source

16th Sep 2014

Watching Rehman Malik getting kicked off a plan for delaying it 2 hours has to be the highlight of my month. Kudos to the Pakistani people for finally standing up to these vaderas. InshaAllah, a true awakening and a revolution is in the near future.

13th Sep 2014

I dont know how many times I’ve had to say this but people,

stop letting Uncles run masjids. Leave your Allah-given jobs and lives behind for a few hours a week and dedicate it to Allah’s House. You want to fix every problem this Ummah is having? Run the masjids. 

I just learned of a poor convert muslim woman who has been forced to have five kids AND be the breadwinner while her apparently “loved at the masjid” quran teacher husband sat around all day, and when she approached the masjid for help she was turned down saying “Women are emotional sister, you must control your house. He is your husband blah blah blah”. So when this woman finally turned to a CHRISTIAN SOCIETY they gave her help and advice and so she finally had the courage to divorce this man who now gives her ZERO CHILD SUPPORT and this poor woman who alhamdulillah is still muslim is living off credit cards and drowning in debt and MASAAJID keep turning her away.

As educated, young adult muslims, we seriously need to step away from this secular Dunya we keep running to, and think about what answer we’ll give to Allah when He asks why the education, wealth, and understanding He gave us was not put to good use.